We're a open company and we're looking for you, you will have the opportunity to experience a industrial environment, a complex and challenging market combined with unique team driven to success. This internships are open to any department and it will be the start of your career within JPM Industry. If you looking for a Summer Internship or a Professional Internship, we're more than happy to receive you and help you grow our professional development. For any application, please contact us via our website.

Master Thesis and Dissertations

Those programs with institutional and scientific entities, intend to promote the collaboration between us and the professionals of tomorrow, This proximity has the goal to share the industrial environment and experience with you. More than that, we're open for new ideas and suggestions, check your local school or university to find our proposals.

JPM Academy

JPM Academy is our continously effort to train and guide our collaborators for excellence in their duties. We're committed in implementing courses, formation, technical guidance and on-duty training to prepare our teams to perform at the highest level. Our academy has a group of courses and modules adjusted to each type of area of knowledge, from electrics, mechanical, installations and automation.

Out of the Box Ideas

If you have a industrial business or a product idea. we invite you to submit, we will review it and give feedback.. We can help in the industrial design, industrialization, marketing and introducing to the market. We will support throughout the process.