The world of services. The complete lifecycle for your industry.

Engineering Projects

We have the skills and competences required for industrial project development, project management and execution. They can be turn-key with integration of third parties or only with our portfolio of solutions and services.

Alongside our portfolio of solutions and services, we can add other specialities. These can can be civil construction, air conditioning , electrical and automation, compressed air, heated/cooled water project, industrial equipment and others.

Installation & Commissioning

From eletrical, mechanical up to eletromechanical installation and comissioning, we're able to perform it globally and for all industries.

Our teams are highly skilled and competent with experience of more than 2000 installations wordwide.

We focus on efficiency and effectiveness, which is achieved with continous training and qualification of our teams.

Modernisation & Upgrade

Industrial equipment and systems installed in industries, through their lifetime, require modernisation and upgrades to maintain or increase their performance and reliability.

We're capable of revamping or retrofitting your industrial equipments and solutions, from the engineering concept, to it's implementation and commissioning.

After-Sales Service

All our solutions are delivered with Spare Parts manual with coded parts and components. Our design focus on using standardized parts and components and we ensure that all spare-parts are available for more than 10 years.

We're available for any contact or question from our customers, via email, telephone or digital systems.

Contract Maintenance

As manufacturer's, we're able to perform maintenance in our solutions at the customer site or in our facilities, more than that, we're able and qualified to perform maintenance of third party industrial equipment's.

A different dimension and correlated with turn-key projects, we can perform contract maintenance for a complete industry, with total responsability for the preventive, curative and corrective maintenance of the complete industrial unit.

Contract Manufacturing

We are equipped with state of the art machinery and tools in our shopfloor and together with a skilled and competent team, we're able to industrialize and perform contract manufacturing for intralogistics equipments.

Focused on achieving high standards of productivity and thus reducing industrialization and manufacturing costs, we implement Lean methodologies with a continuous process improvement mindset.