Law No. 93/2021 of 20 December, in force from 18 June 2022, establishes the general regime for the protection of whistleblowers, transposing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law – Whistleblowing Law.


Any natural person who comes across information concerning infringements that they have obtained in the course of their professional activity, here included (i) employees, (ii) service providers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers (or any persons under their supervision), (iii) the holders of shareholdings and members of statutory bodies, (iv) volunteers and trainees and (v) former employees and jobseekers. Whistleblowers are guaranteed the confidentiality of their identity or anonymity at all times or until such time as this information is required to safeguard the rights of defence of those affected by the complaint, within the scope of the investigations to which it gives rise or subsequent judicial proceedings. Confidential advice may also be sought to consider making a complaint. All complaints must be made in good faith and on reasonable grounds. Acts of retaliation against the complainant are prohibited.


o file a complaint or request confidential advice to consider filing a complaint, you should send your communication to: Email address denuncia@jpm.pt or Communication by post to: JPM Automação e Equipamentos Industriais, S.A. – Travessa da Zona Industrial – 1, 3730-601 Vila Cova de Perrinho, Vale de Cambra – Portugal



Our MISSION is to design, produce, deliver, and maintain technological solutions, equipment, conveyors, intralogistics systems, and turnkey factories for clients across multiple industrial domains on a global scale, maximizing value creation.



Our VISION is to grow sustainably and in the long term, acting as the main industrial partner for internationally scaled companies.



Focus, Excellence, Collaboration, Humility, Courage, and Ambition.



1.  Focus on the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders to ensure their satisfaction;

2. Provide solutions and services that adhere to the principles of QUALITY, SUSTAINABILITY, and SAFETY;

3. Meet established deadlines;

4. Ensure safe and healthy working conditions, preventing hazards and eliminating risks that could cause injuries and health issues related to the tasks performed;

5. Promote the development, motivation, consultation, and participation of employees to enhance their performance, increasing their value and thus contributing to the SUCCESS of the organization;

6. Promote continuous improvement of our processes and products;

7. Comply with legal requirements applicable to the organization’s activities and compliance obligations;

8. Promote the adoption of good environmental practices by raising awareness among our employees and implementing measures to control the environmental impacts associated with the organization’s activities, namely through the efficient use of natural resources and pollution prevention (minimizing waste production and its proper disposal; continuous efforts to reduce water and energy consumption; proper storage and handling of products potentially hazardous to the environment).



All personnel in the organization are committed to complying with this Policy and continuously improving the Management System. The Administration assumes responsibility for its implementation, dissemination, maintenance, and continuous improvement.