Sales and Marketing are key activities, these are the first frontier between the organization and our customers. Our team is divided by the types of industries and technologies we deliver to the market, Our day to day is to proper support and guide our customers to achieve high levels of efficiency and automation for their processes.

There is one thing that we live by: "Before making a customer, make a friend" and that can perfectly describe how we work and our culture. A commitment is serious to us and we will deliver as we promissed. The intralogistics environment is challenging and complex. but every day, we have the opportunity to make the difference, to expand our knowledge and to grow professional and personally.


The main responsibilities are the conversion of opportunities in projects, to effectively answer and support our customers and the market challenges. All of this according to our unique value proposition performed according to the expectations and requirements of our customers. In order to be successful, creativity, passion and resilience are mandatory in this thriving intralogistics market.


Our mission is to engage brand awareness, market positioning, event management and to promote our communication channels (externally and internally) linked to social networks. Every day is exciting and can lead us to a new and complete challenge, sparking creativity and innovation to create something unique in the end of the day.