Production and Operations mission is manufacture and install according to the high standards of productivity, efficiency, quality, performance and realiability defined by our culture and vision.

This department is composed by 8 key areas, such like, Laser and Cutting, Manufacturing, Assembly, Special Assembly, Electricity and Automation, Installations and Maintenance. The type of skills and competences differ acccording to the function and department.


We perform installation services worldwide in different types of industries and we're responsible for the efficient and effective installation of industrial equipments than can be ours or from a third-party. This team is divided in 3 areas: mechanical, electrical and eletromechanical.


The main responsibilities are to perform the electrification and build of electrical cabinets, electrical system installations and industrial machine electrifications.

Manufacturing and Welding

This area is responsible for transforming raw material in to a sub-component or finish part that will be used in assembling. We have state of the art machinery and qualified collaborators to work with those machines.


We assemble all our solutions in our shop floor and this team responsibility is to guarantee and ensure the assembly according to the high quality and performance standards established by JPM Industry.