Engineering is in our DNA and is one of our core competences. "Intralogistics made easy" is not only a slogan, is our mission and focus, to offer solutions and services to answer to the complexity of our customers intralogistics industries.

Our Engineering team is divided in several job areas with different skills and competences requirements, such like, Layouts, Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Programming.


We can create, design, adapt or update industries layouts and our responsibility is to effectively mirror the existing reality of the shop floor or process diagram. We can, as well, design and develop a complete new layout for a industry.


The basis of our activities, these skills and competences are required in different stages, such like, research and development, development, industrialization and support activities.


As we develop and implement turn-key projects and solutions, it's determinant to have those competences and skills in-house, that internal knowledge gives us advantage in designing and implementing our solutions within industries.


As automation and robotics are expanding and growing their field of applications, it's mandatory to have these skills and competences internally, to fully develop and implement these type of solutions and projects.