The corporate areas are key to ensure us to perform in highest level we aim to achieve. They support us in different ways and responsibilities, but without their contribution, we couldn't achieve our goals and performance KPI's.

These support activities are divided in 4 main areas: Human Resources & Careers, Procurement & Purchasing, Information Systems and Financial & Support. Each one of them has their own purpose and goals, their activities differ as their responsibilities differ, but in the end, they're challenging and ensure us we have the tools to move forward and beyond.


The main responsibility is to individually support us in developing our career, to support all activities related to employment and to promote our unique culture inside the organization.


Purchasing is one important activity in any industrial company, but the proper and effective procurement is key to success. The main responsibility is to ensure we have the most efficient and effective suppliers and partners in our Supply Chain, that in the end, can add value to us.


Information and data security are absolute critical in our times, as we exchange confidential and sensitive information, the main responsibility is to secure the company infrastructure, to ensure it's performance and reliability.


The main responsibilities are to perform all activities related to accounting, controlling, financial business information support and corporate development and strategy.