The intralogistics market offers unique challenges, logistics and intralogistics are key for industries and the demands and dynamics of the markets are increasing and getting more complex.

Our mission is to offer solutions to solve this complexity, in order to increase the productivity and flexibility of industries for supplying products and goods to consumers. Only a dedicated team, with ambition, energy, resilience, passion and a sense of mission can overcome those challenges, just like our team. From unique solutions to turn-key projects, at JPM Industry, you will have the opportunity to develop your career and competences with a long-term and sustainable vision.

We were challenged to develop a turn-key industrial machine for a Pharmaceutical Industry customer, that had to have multiple functionalities, only by a concept imagined by our customer. This industrial machine highlight was the combination of several technologies, such as, conveying, automation, robotics, industrial vision, printing, RFID tagging and interconnecting with existing information systems.

From a concept, we had to design and engineer, then industrialize and manufacture up to installation and commissioning at the customer industrial plant. The nature of this type of projects interconnects horizontally all the JPM Industry team, from Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Innovation, Procurement and Purchasing, Production and Operations up to Finantial and Support.

Total agility and flexibility in a robotic solution for a Process Industry customer, a challenge we answered with a complete new concept and vision. The challenge was to develop a unique system able to handle multiple pallet formats, multiple types of packages, multiple types of mosaics for a high cadence distribution line.

Our engineering team started to design the concept and simulations, then developed the solution. After the customer approval, the next step, is the industrialization, manufacturing, installation and commissioning at the customer site. This project had the participation of the Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Innovation, Production and Operations and support activities.