JPM Industry celebrates 25 years of existence – 1/4 Century – Since 1994


JPM Industry started its activity in April 1994. In order to guarantee the presence of all its employees in the celebration of this important milestone, JPM Industry took advantage of the 2019 Christmas dinner to celebrate its 25 years of existence.

The company has unique memories, moments of great resilience and great success over the years. Our history does not exist without our employees and we are very grateful to them, as well as to all our customers and partners.


Celebration of 25 years of JPM Industry


The Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Paulo Martins da Silva, spoke during the celebration of JPM Industry’s 25th anniversary, describing the company’s path, from its formation to the present day.

  “Over these 25 years, we have won awards, distinctions and recognitions, because we are a robust and demanding company with a well-defined strategy, we know where we are and where we want to go …”

“… I feel that there is enthusiasm, strength and energy. We are active and we want to do things, we want to do more, we are compulsive entrepreneurs! We innovate, and today we are present in more than 40 geographies …” – Stresses the President.

During the message, also highlights the effort and determination of the entire team.

“… We work long hours, try to arrive early and leave late, we have an incredible capacity for suffering. We have the capacity to win, to succeed and to share it. We try not to give up, it’s in our DNA. We refuse to say that we are not capable, that we have not found solutions. We’ve been doing it for 25 years! … “

In the final part of his speech, José Paullo Martins da Silva, thanks all those who have worked with JPM Indústria, demonstrating the importance of maintaining good relations with all the integral parts of this community.

“… I am also very grateful to our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Banks. We must treat them all with very much respect, because they have believed in us in an extraordinary way and because we want them to continue to share experiences, which are very important for the sustainability of our company … ”



“All together we build a team that shows itself driven towards the future and the changes that accompany us… We have grown continuously and today we are our best version. May the future begin now and reserve even more success and motivation. “ – Speech by José Paulo Martins da Silva