About us

About us



Founded in 1994, JPM is a technologically advanced company that develops its activities primarily in the fields of Industrial Automation and Mechanical Engineering. Throughout its journey, JPM has specialized in the design, production, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial plants and equipment.

We offer accuracy and quality in every service and product we develop in order to effectively attend the needs of our customers. JPM has a long experience, founded in numerous projects developed in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in various sectors of industrial activity, primarily in food and chemical industries.

JPM is one of the few companies in Portugal, with certification in Design, Production, Assembling and Maintenance of Industrial Equipments and Electrical Switchboards for Industrial Automation in 4 Standards: ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OSHAS 18001 Occupacional Health and Safety Management System and NP4427 Human Resource Management System.

 JPM operates from its own modern facilities, situated at Zona Industrial do Rossio, Vale de Cambra, less than 1 hour from the cities of Porto and Aveiro. GPS coordinates: N 40 º 53 '56.8 "W 8° 22' 41.9"

Management Policy

JPM wants to ensure its compromise towards clients, employees and society at large.


To grow in a sustained way and in the long-term, acting as a lead partner for multinational companies.


To offer engineered solutions, automated equipment and maintenance services for distribution lines, using the latest technologies available, to industrial customers on a global scale, aiming to optimize their production and/ or logistics processes.


" Before making a customer, make a friend " Working capacity, Dedication, Exigency, Humility, Equality of opportunities, Respect for the company, Full respect for the customer, Accuracy.

Our management goals are to:

  • Focus attention on our customers aiming to their full satisfaction;
  • Provide a quality service;
  • Meet deadlines;
  • Respect the Environment, preventing pollution; - Provide working conditions which prevent injuries and health problems;
  • Promote the development of our co-workers skills and motivation, improving performance;
  • Comply with legal requirements applicable to the company's activities.

 All JPM staff assumes the implementation of this policy and continuous improvement of the Management System.

 The Board assumes responsibility for the implementation, diffusion and maintenance of the Management System.



Certificates and Awards

  • COTEC Associate, Restricted group of SME´s, considered the most innovative in Portugal (certificado).
  • Awarded the SME Excellence 2015, distinguishes companies with the best performance and risk profiles (certificado).
  • Certificated by APCER in ISO 9001 rules – Quality Management (certificado).
  • Certificated by APCER in ISO 14001 rules – Environmental Management System (certificado).
  • Certificated by APCER in OHSAS 18001 / NP 4397 rules – Safety, Hygiene and Health at the work place (certificado).
  • Certificated by APCER in NP 4427 rules –Human Resources Management   (certificado).
  • AENOR - ISO 9001 – Quality Management - Spain (certificado).