Industrial Conveyors

Industrial Conveyors

JPM is specialized in the manufacture and assembly of industrial conveyors.

 Key elements in modern industry, industrial conveyors may be used to transport materials in every phase of the process, from raw materials to finished products.

 JPM conveyors are manufactured with the materials that better suit each application, ensuring minimum wear, leading to maximum profitability and energy efficiency.

 JPM is one of the few companies in Portugal with a certification in "Design, Production, Assembling and Maintenance of Industrial Equipments" including Industrial Conveyors Lines.



Suitable for most types of existing packaging (eg cardboard, PET and glass).


Conveyors for Boxes and Packs

Used when there is a need to transfer bigger goods like boxes and packs.


Belt Conveyors

Used whenever a higher adhesion of the carried product is necessary, for example in the presence of accentuated slopes, paces or for specific products.


Rollers and Chains Conveyors

Suitable for the transportation of bigger loads, particularly pallets. Many kinds of components, such as rotary tables, lifting devices, inspectors, palletizing / depalletizing systems can be incorporated.


Lubrication Systems

JPM Lubrication Systems are complete solutions, integrated with fully autonomous and automatic operation. They can be fully configurable according to the specific needs of each client and application.

These systems can be used in every industry, especially in the food industry:

Wet lubrication (water)


Dry Lubrication

  • Teflon based
  • Silicone based
  • Others

JPM has designed these systems to be efficient and economical solutions for lubrication of conveyor systems, reducing component wear and facilitating the flow of products along the lines.